Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions that will help make you and your pet have more enjoyment, and feel more comfortable during your session with me. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. Above all, your happiness with my service, products, and images are my number one goal!

Why should I choose Christian Hammer Photography?
Anyone can take pictures of their pets, but people hire professionals because they want something more. You want something unique and beautiful, perhaps to hang on your wall as a piece of art. You want high quality products and prints which aren’t available to the average consumer. You want to remember your special furry friends through meaningful images, rather than just snapshots.

What about my dog who is black/very dark?
Not a problem! Black, or other pets who are dark in color, pose a greater challenge due to the way the camera interprets what it sees. However, it’s all about the light. Whether we are on location, in your house, or in my studio, I will be able to find and use the best possible light in order to show off your beautiful pet.

My dog doesn’t know how to sit or stand still, will that be a problem?
It’s true that a dog which knows some basic commands will make the session go more smoothly and be more enjoyable for all, however, it’s not required. I have experienced all kinds of behaviors from hyper active puppies constantly trying to play to adults wanting nothing at all to do with being photographed. Patience is the best answer in any situation, and I encourage you not to get upset if things aren’t working out so well. Forcing them will only make it worse. In the end I always get the great images you expect from a professional.

My dog isn’t photogenic.
Not true! Every person or animal can look beautiful in a photograph. It’s knowing what to look for to get the amazing shots which makes the difference!

What does the session fee cover?
The session fee covers many things, including, but not limited to: Prep work required for the shoot, travel (if needed), uploading and archiving all of your images, professionally editing your images, and my talent and experience. The session fee also helps to pay for the equipment and supplies required to provide the high quality of service and images my clients expect.

What should I bring to my session?
I prefer simple and clean, and all I really need is you and your pet. However, these are your images and if there is anything you would like in them please feel free to bring whatever you want! A favorite toy? Their favorite bed? Bring them! I will have treats, squeakers, and fresh water on hand as well. If you prefer your own treats, I would prefer they be the soft kind instead of the crunchy kind as the crunchy kind tends to make a bit of a mess.

What should I do during my session?
Well, you get to be my assistant! You know your pet better than I do, and they (hopefully) listen to you. They will also trust you more than someone they have just met. I like to work with them myself, initially, so they will get used to me and my equipment. After that it’s up to you to show me their stuff! I will help you get them into positions that look good, suggest ideas, and ask questions during your session. There can be a lot of work involved with each session, but I will always make them fun for all involved!

TIP: If you have a squeaker, please use it sparingly. They will get used to the noise over a period of time, and their reaction to it will fade. However, a single, well-timed squeak can turn an otherwise good image into a GREAT image.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me!