About Me

Christian Hammer

Hello, and welcome! I am Christian, your resident photographer person. I am here to tell you all about me, yes…me! ME! ME! ME! Photography is all about capturing that once in a lifetime moment, that characteristic expression, that special “something” that passes in the blink of an eye. It’s my job, my passion, and my duty to capture that moment each and every time.

I got my start in photography a bit later than in life, but I am here. I am here thanks to a wonderful friend, and her uncharacteristically and crazy fun Bulldogs. Bulldogs whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, hanging out with, and photographing for over 2 years now. Some of which I’ve photographed from only a couple hours old, and the honor to watch one later become an AKC champion.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to be able to provide you with the professional level of service and care you deserve. I am here to capture stunning and fun images of your pet, and their family of humans in a friendly and easy going atmosphere. Either at your home, on location, or in my studio, you will love every image I create. That is my promise to you.